The Leadership Maturity Assessment Instrument or MAP
(formerly known as LDP or SCTi-MAP)

Why take the MAP?

If you want to know your level of leadership maturity and personal integration, the MAP is your answer.

It locates your center of gravity on the developmental spiral as well as your fall-back positions and your growing edge.

A highly-trained, certified scorer, not a machine, assesses your MAP. He or she will comment on the unique strengths and vulnerabilities of your way of meaning making, and identifies the themes and concerns you express.

Why the MAP and not another test?

The MAP brings you practical information that can be translated into an actionable development plan. This instrument is the most rigorously developed, Harvard-tested, unbiased and reliable stage measure on the market. Our data base consists of over 9000 MAPs and research.  Unlike other instruments which give you only general stage descriptions or a final score, the MAP provides you unique and personal 500+ word feedback on your profile and stage-specific recommendations tailored to your stage, your unique sentences, and your concerns. The MAP is known as the most sophisticated instrument for measuring second tier meaning making. It is thus ideal for identifying  mature self-actualizers (yellow and above in Ken Wilber’s terms). These are the people most likely capable of integrally-oriented, transformative leadership. They are also often the source and inspiration for creating and sustaining interdependent, learning organizations. (See McGuire and Rhodes (2009):Transforming your leadership culture).

To take the test and get an individual, 50-minute debrief with Susanne Cook-Greuter, prepay $1000.00 with check or money order to Cook-Greuter and Associates at the address below. You can also pay via PayPal (with your credit card. Paying this fee will guarantee you a personal attention from Susanne. Your result packet with comments will be sent to you via email attachments.  The results (35 report)  will be released within 4 weeks or sooner after payment of the $1000.00 fee has been received. We will schedule the debrief-coaching session as soon as you have digested the input at a mutually agreed-upon date and time.  

 Your Debrief Session

In the debrief session you can explore in more depth what your profile implies in terms of your growth potential and address your questions. You are invited to ask about the MAP itself and how it works as well as about any concerns you may have about that placement.  We can  look into what practices are most likely to help you deepen your awareness and move towards your personal aspirations and professional goals. The feedback session can become the first step in creating your own individual development plan or to refine your current practices. Some people use the feedback session as a ”check-up” regarding their current developmental practices (including Integral Life Practice (ILP) and their efficacy.

Many clients value additional coaching sessions with Susanne after the initial debrief once they have experienced the power of developmental feedback by an experienced coach. Many clients at the later stages engage me for a follow-up session after some practice time has elapsed.

The fee for a  MAP test and feedback session is offered for prepayment of $1000.00 by check, money order or click the button below to pay with PayPal.


Accessing the web version of the MAP

Right click the hyperlink (MAP Assessment) and save the form file to your local computer before writing any sentence completions. You may then open it from MS Word. We will begin processing your MAP as soon as payment has been received. Word files are preferred.

Instructions for using the web-accessed version of the MAP

Please use the electronic version of the test file to enter your sentence completions.

Finish each of the included thirty-six sentences to the best of your ability.
There are no right or wrong answers.

Allow yourself 45 minutes of private time to complete all the sentences at one sitting.

You may use the tab key or the mouse to move the cursor to the next field after each response.

This document will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Please respond freely and honestly.

Make sure your contact information is completed on the test form and that your initials and date of completion (but not your name) are entered on every page.

Please return the completed MAP form electronically in MS word (not PDF) as an email attachment to

Electronic transmission is easiest for you and us. Please make sure you prepay the $1000.00 fee by clicking here if you haven't done so already.


or send a check in that amount to the address below and let us know that you did so. Analysis of your MAP cannot begin until payment is received.

Fast track services

We also offer two fast track services. For a fee of $1400.00, we will evaluate the MAP and return it within ten working days. If you require five working days turnaround, this can be done for $1750.00 Please note that both the ten day and five day profiling options require prior agreement and may not be available at all times.

Cook-Greuter and Associates

Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter

34 Campbell Road

Wayland, MA 01778


International Services

The fees for Europe and Australia are available on request and can be paid directly to banks in those regions. Click here for Foreign Language Services.

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