While the MAP-Institute will be the main repository for all things pertaining to R&D, CLM administers the MAP-Platform, the place for taking the Automated MAP-assessment. Susanne is using this service as well. CLM is also your additional source of information about how to take the MAP, fees and options.

If you are interested in completing the MAP Assessment, please contact MAP@verticaldevelopment.com directly


What is the MAP?

The Leadership Maturity Assessment Instrument (MAP)

The MAP was formerly known  SCTi-MAP and LDP. It is a sentence completion test. It and its analysis evolved since 1980 out of Loevinger's Washington University Sentence Completion Test, known as WUSCT.  It uses our extensive manuals for matching client responses with confirmed examples. The process of matching  is a clear advantage in terms of interrater reliability, and scientific rigor.

The MAP is the most rigorously developed, Harvard-tested, least-biased and reliable stage measure on the market. Our data base consists of over 10,000 MAPs. The Harvard study itself was based on over 4000 tests and its construct-validity replicated in several dissertations.

Highly-educated, trained, and certified scorers assess your MAP. They  will comment on the unique strengths and vulnerabilities of your way of making sense of experience as well as identify the themes and concerns you express.  You'll find out your center of gravity and also the trailing and growing edge of your worldview.. While rigor in scoring presents the science of this instrument, commenting and making actionable recommendations is an art.

The MAP-institute features a cadre of certified scorers. Many of these are also LMF-certified coaches who provide exceptional services in both assessment and debriefing, as well as ongoing coaching.

Why take the MAP?

If you want to know your level of leadership maturity and personal integration, the MAP is your answer. If you just want to know how smart you are and how well you can reason about a topic, there are several tests available that can measure that accurately. In contrast, the MAP assesses your the stage of your overall maturity. The MAP uses a full range of stimuli and topics to assess you as a whole person. It looks for your level of self-awareness, self-identity, behavioral patterns, cognitive complexity, emotional intelligence, relational capacity, coping strategies, stress management, preferred defenses and values).

In addition, the MAP is the most sophisticated and well-researched instrument for measuring second tier meaning making. It is thus ideal for identifying mature self-actualizers (yellow and above in Ken Wilberís terms). These are the people most likely capable of systems-wide, transformative leadership. They are also often the source and inspiration for creating and sustaining interdependent, learning organizations. (See McGuire and Rhodes (2009):Transforming your leadership culture and    Laloux (2014):Reinventing organizations.)

You will receive a result packet that includes your unique profile, and recommendations for practice at your growing edge. It also contains the statistical information, how each of your sentences was scored. For optimal learning, you will also get a 50 minute debrief or read-back session with a certified LMFcoach.

What does the MAP assessment offer?

It locates your center of gravity on the developmental trajectory as well as your likely trailing positions and growing edge.

The MAP brings you practical information that can be translated into an actionable development plan.  Unlike other instruments which give you only general stage descriptions or a final score, the MAP assessment provides you with a unique and personal 500+ word comment section. We give you recommendations for practices tailored to your unique sentence completions and self-expression. It addresses your likes and dislikes and the issues you shared.  

Your Debrief Session

In the debrief session you can explore in more depth what your profile suggests in terms of your growth potential and needed further integration.  You are encouraged  to ask about the MAP itself and how it works as well as about any concerns you may have about your result  We can  look into what practices are most likely to help you deepen your awareness and move towards your personal aspirations and professional goals. The feedback session can become the first step in creating your own individual development plan or to refine your current practices.

Many clients value additional coaching sessions with a certified LMF coach after the initial debrief once they have experienced the power of developmental feedback.

Accessing the web version of the MAP

for further information, taking the individual MAP, project contracting, payment instructions go to


International Services

The MAP assessment is available in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. Arrangements can be made in consultation with local affiliates for most regions of the world including Europe,  Australia, and South Africa. 

How to take the MAP and get a debrief from Susanne?

Go to MAP@verticaldevelopment.com and request that the Susanne be the scorer-coach. To take the test and get an individual, 50-minute debrief with me pay $1000.00 to CLM .  

Often a single debrief, coaching session allows my clients to move forward on their own. I do give homework!!!  Arrangements can be made for longer-term coaching if this seems beneficial and desired. Some of my clients engage me spontaneously for a check-up session whenever they feel a need for further reflection and perspectives on their progress.  

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